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Do you have a project that you need help with, maybe we can help. We are always looking at ways to help out our community. By helping out our community our scouts will earn service hours while building a stronger relationship with those in the community and gain leadership and other needed skills that will help them succeed.

Projects can be anything from leading a flag ceremony for a community or school event helping to clean up and remove debris from a park or other social gathering area. Helping with a food drive or even stuffing eggs for an Easter egg hunt.

If you have a project that we might be able to help with, please feel free to contact us for with information and time frame. We can't guarantee that we can help everyone out, but we can do our best.

Service Projects

Second Class Rank. Forthe Second Class Rank, a Scout must participate in a service projector projects approved by his Scoutmaster. The time of service must bea minimum of one hour. This project prepares a Scout for the moreinvolved service projects he must perform for the Star, Life, andEagle Scout Ranks.

Starand Life Ranks. ForStar and Life ranks, a Scout must perform six hours of service toothers. This may be done as an individual project or as a member of apatrol or troop project. Star and Life service projects may beapproved for Scouts assisting on Eagle service projects. TheScoutmaster approves the project before it is started.

EagleScout Rank. Fora service project to qualify as an Eagle Scout service project, theScout, while a Life Scout, must plan, develop, and give leadership toothers in a service project benefiting any religious institution,school, or community. These projects, of course, must conform to thewishes and regulations of those for whom the project is undertaken.

TheEagle Scout service project provides the opportunity for the EagleScout candidate to demonstrate the leadership skills he has learnedin Scouting. He does the project outside the sphere of Scouting.

Asa demonstration of leadership, the Scout must plan the work, organizethe personnel needed, and direct the project to its completion.

Serviceto others is important. Work involving council property or other BSAactivities is not acceptable for an Eagle Scout service project. Theservice project also may not be performed for a business, or be of acommercial nature, or be a fund-raiser.